President's Message

Reflecting on a Milestone Year and Looking Ahead


As we bid farewell to summer and usher in the golden hues of autumn, the Halifax Amateur Radio Club also transitions into a new and exciting chapter. The past nine months have been extraordinary, thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of our valued members. As your President, I am thrilled to provide an update on our achievements and outline the promising future that lies ahead.

One of our club’s core objectives is to deepen public engagement. It is heartening to see that we have met this goal and exceeded expectations. We’ve been highly successful in getting people involved with radio amateur work, and our initiatives have also helped us recognize our rich historical heritage.

We successfully activated the Moose River Mining Park in a joint effort between our club and the Pictou Ham Radio Club. The event fell on the anniversary of the tragic mining disaster of 1936. Not only did we honour the past, but we also used the occasion as a unique learning opportunity. Setting up our station outdoors at the museum allowed us to engage with the community meaningfully and test our resilience.

Organizing the Downeast Flea Market was another high point. The event sold out of tables and drew a record number of attendees, becoming a memorable day for the Halifax ham community.

In line with our aim to keep pace with technological advancements, we have initiated a project to modernize our radio room and establish a satellite station. This began as a club discussion and matured through a membership survey. We’ve now formed a committee to rethink the radio room’s layout and design.

This summer, our members were incredibly active, particularly at the Maritime Museum, where we educated tourists on the significance of the wireless room and Morse code. Additionally, we hosted a demo table during emergency preparedness week, allowing us to share the relevance of ham amateur radio with our community partners.

The pinnacle of our achievements this year was undoubtedly the 90th-anniversary celebration of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club. With approximately 250 attendees—including government agencies, the general public, and hams from across North America—the event was the largest of its kind in Eastern Canada. Kudos to our hardworking organizing team for making this possible.

As we look forward to the future, I am buoyed by the bright prospects that await us. Our club is not just about equipment and gear; our most significant asset is, undoubtedly, our membership. Your dedication and passion have been the cornerstone of our achievements, and I am confident they will propel us into an even more promising future.

So here’s to writing the next exciting chapter of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club’s history. Together, we will continue to serve our community, enriching it with a wealth of amateur radio knowledge.

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