HARC – September 20, 2023, General Meeting Agenda

Halifax Amateur Radio Club

September 20, 2023, General Meeting Agenda

Welcome: John Bignell, VE1JMB

Acceptance of the September 20,  2023 General Meeting Agenda:

Motion by:

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Acceptance of the June 2023 General Meeting Minutes:

Motion by:

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Silent Keys:

Gordon G. Ratto VE1PO Halifax NS August 24th, 2023

Andre J. Chiasson VE9AC Moncton NB August 22nd, 2023

Ernest Barthe VE9YN Dalhousie NB July 19th, 2023

Barry Whynot VE1BAW Milton NS July 13th, 2023

Russell Canning VE1RC Trenton NS July 10th, 2023

Wallace Buchanan VE1WB Sandy Point NS July 2nd, 2023

Ralph Shaw VE1ZT Chester Basin NS June 25th, 2023

Moe Brehaut VE1AEM Kentville NS June 22nd, 2023

David Currie VE9DAC Tilley NB June 22nd, 2023

President report: John Bignell VE1JMB  

Treasurer report: – Alastair Cox, VE1PAB,

Motion by: Alastair Cox

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Committee Reports

Station Manager report: – Don, VE1DTR

Education report: – Jason, VE1PYE/ Ritchie Long VE1RPL


SAR/EMO report: – David George, VE1AJP

HATS report: – Gary Murphy, VA1GGM

CW Sessions/VE1MMA Coordinator – Gordon Young

90th Celebration Wrap-up – Ritchie Long VE1RPL

Old Business:

Radio Room Spring cleaning

Antenna Trailer Update

Satellite Tower Update

New Business:

JOTA – Saturday, October 21st


Adjournment @

Respectfully submitted: John Bignell, VE1JMB President- HARC

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