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It’s that time of year again!

It’s that time of year again for Membership registration for the Halifax Amateur Radio Club.

There are many advantages to joining an Amateur Radio club. Clubs are a great resource and can help ease the transition by pointing you in the right direction: purchasing and setting up the right equipment; helping to explain the terminology; and providing a much-needed social network. Both new and experienced operators gather to organize Ham Radio events, discuss technical issues, listen to expert presentations, volunteer in the community, perform licensing exams, swap stories and gear, and generally promote the importance of Amateur Radio to anyone who will listen.

We encourage anyone, of any age or background, who has an interest in amateur radio to consider taking a membership with the Halifax Amateur Radio Club. By becoming a member, you will be supporting the many club events, technical projects, and community support activities that the club is involved in.

Click here to learn how you can renew your membership or how you can join.

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