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2023 Radio Amateurs of Canada Meeting in Halifax

The Radio Amateurs of Canada recently convened their first in-person planning meetings after the pandemic, marking a significant milestone for the amateur radio community. The sessions were hosted in collaboration with the Halifax Amateur Radio Club and the Emergency Disaster Services Team at the Maritime Division of The Salvation Army. This gathering showcased the joy of reconnecting with fellow enthusiasts and highlighted the strong bonds of support and cooperation these organizations have cultivated over the years.
Amidst the backdrop of shared experiences in disaster response and community support, the meetings provided a platform for the national agency to strategize and plan future endeavours. This collaborative effort ensures that the amateur radio community remains resilient and well-prepared to contribute effectively during emergencies and public service initiatives.

The timing of these meetings coincided with a momentous occasion – the commencement of the 90th celebration of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club. The weekend will be packed with exciting ham events showcasing the club’s rich history, technological advancements, and the enduring spirit of camaraderie among amateur radio enthusiasts in the Maritimes. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in engaging workshops, technical demonstrations, and interactive sessions that emphasized the club’s integral role within the broader community.

As the pandemic’s grip loosened, the Radio Amateurs of Canada, the Halifax Amateur Radio Club, and the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Team united again in person. This weekend we have marked a hopeful step towards normalcy and a reinforcement of their shared commitment to serving others, especially in times of need. The successful kickoff of the 90th celebration of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club served as a reminder that the amateur radio community’s passion and dedication continue to thrive and that its impact remains enduring and invaluable.

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