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HARC 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Conference – August 18 – 20th, 2023

The Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC) celebrates its 90th anniversary with a special Gala Dinner and Conference. This event is a must-attend for amateur radio enthusiasts who are looking to connect with other hams, learn about the latest trends in the hobby, and celebrate HARC’s historic milestone.

The conference will feature a range of presentations and discussions on various topics related to amateur radio, including emergency communications, contesting, digital modes, and more. There will be opportunities to ask questions and interact with the presenters, creating a valuable learning experience for all attendees.

In addition to the conference, the Gala Dinner will provide an opportunity to socialize and network with other hams. The evening will feature a delicious meal, live music, and a celebration of HARC’s 90 years of contributions to the amateur radio community.

The event will take place at a community venue in Halifax and will provide an elegant and sophisticated setting for the celebration.

The HARC 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Conference is an excellent opportunity for amateur radio enthusiasts to come together, share their passion for the hobby, and celebrate the achievements of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club.

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Conference Access with Passes

Speaker Series Area: (pass) This is the main area of the conference where the speakers will present their talks and presentations. The main hall will be set up with a stage and audiovisual equipment for the speakers. Attendees will sit in chairs or bleachers facing the stage.

Gala Dinner (pass): The HARC 90th Gala dinner is a semi-formal event that takes place in the evening and is the highlight of the conference. Which will include a reception with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, followed by a sit-down dinner with multiple courses. The dinner may also feature keynote speakers, live entertainment, and awards ceremonies to recognize outstanding contributions to the ham radio community. This event provides an opportunity for attendees to network and socialize in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Halifax Waterfront/Museum of the Atlantic (pass): This is an optional activity that attendees can participate in during the conference. The tour may start with a guided walk along the scenic Halifax waterfront, with stops at historical landmarks and points of interest. The tour may then continue with a visit to the Museum of the Atlantic, where attendees can explore the radio room and exhibits related to the history of communication and radio technology. The museum also features two ships, the HMCS Sackville and the CSS Acadia, which attendees can tour and learn about their maritime history. This tour provides an opportunity for attendees to experience the local culture and history of Halifax, and learn about the role of communication and radio technology in the region’s maritime history.

Open to the Public

Tradeshow Area/Coffee Breaks (FREE): This is the area where vendors and exhibitors will set up booths to showcase their products or services. Attendees can visit each booth to learn about the latest technology, products, or services in the ham radio industry. Snacks and beverages may be provided in this area to keep attendees energized and refreshed.

Event Station Ham Radio Room (FREE): This is a special area of the conference where attendees can participate in hands-on ham radio activities. The ham radio room may have several stations set up with different types of equipment and antennas for attendees to experiment with. Trained volunteers may be available to provide guidance and assistance.

Sunday Service at the Salvation Army Church (FREE): This is a unique religious service held on the conference’s final day, which is open to all attendees who wish to participate. The service will be held at the Salvation Army church. It may include music, prayer, and sermons related to the theme of emergency communications and the role of volunteers and professionals in this field. The service may also include recognition and appreciation for the men and women who work in emergency communications, such as 911 operators and other first responders. This service allows attendees to reflect on the importance of emergency communications and give thanks and recognition to those who work in this field.

Touch a Truck/Show&Shine (Free): This is an outdoor event where attendees can explore various ham radio vehicles and equipment. Trucks, trailers, and other vehicles may be set up with ham radio equipment for attendees to touch, feel, and experiment with. This event may also include demonstrations of emergency communication techniques or other ham radio applications.

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