President's Message

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE for January 2021

Welcome to the new year-2021. This will be a year of hope for the club: hope we can have a flea market in May: hoping we can have a field day as we once knew it in June: hope we can be at the Museum of the Atlantic and so on. Sometimes we lose hope, and that’s okay. It is a normal response to distress. We cannot find hope if we do not acknowledge it has been lost. Considering what we are all going through, hope would be completely understandable. Yes, it is important to stay well informed about the virus pandemic and be proactive, but it is equally important that we continue to find hope to support us through this difficult time and make our fears more manageable.

The fear is that we will not be able to do the things our club and its members want to do this year, however there is hope we may have a Christmas gathering this December. This pandemic is going to be around I believe into next year but we can hope for better days ahead.

Our club is moving forward with a number of new projects, one of which is John Bignell’s 2-meter simplex challenge held last weekend. John is planning a new event for club members each month. John will announce these events in time for all who would like to participate.

We have renewed our Web hosting: our Joint Stock Companies Registration and looked at our budget which will receive its second presentation to the membership for final acceptance.

We are working on a submission for a grant from HRM for a number of pieces of equipment for the club. The executive is in the planning stages for a new tower install at Station 50 for our satellite antennas. We are also in discussion with an outside provider for our swap shop and I believe this is the way to go.

More details on this important project will follow shortly so stay tuned.

DX conditions have been improving over the past couple of weeks. I use the wa7bnm calendar for seeing what contests are being run each weekend, in fact, each day as there is generally qso parties for the day or cw tests at various speeds. Generally, there is something for everyone even ft4 / ft8 country hunters

Once again we had a successful test of our communications gear at the club when Fraser and John and George did the Exercise Hand Shake. This exercise is conducted on the last Tuesday of each month and everyone is encouraged to get involved both at the club or from your home.

I hope to see many of you at our next virtual meeting on January 20 at 19:00 hours. Details for access to this meeting will be made available later this month.

This is all the news for now: please remember that the take 15 net is every Sunday night at 20:30 hrs. and everyone is welcome to join in.

73 – Respectfully, Brian Allen- VA1CC, President of the HARC

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