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In an effort to improve accuracy, please check your own name and address and update if necessary to Bill as noted below.

If you wish your phone number to be in the callbook, send it to Bill, even if other updates aren't needed.

Update your information by sending email to Bill Elliott VE1MR Please note that you should inform Industry Canada of any updates as well.

Copies of the Maritime Callbook - 2012 Edition - can be purchased by contacting Fraser MacDougall - VE1WO - by email:

Database current as of April 2018

The 2008 Anniversary editon of the Maritime Callbook contained several articles that many Radio Amateurs found useful. We have therefore archived those articles and made them available on this page. Please click on the links below to access these articles.

* DXing Tips andTruisms by Dick Grantham (VE1AI)
* Feedlines & Connectors - getting it all together by Gary Bartlett (VE1RGB)
* How to Enjoy Contests by Dick Grantham (VE1AI)
* Geo-haming by C. Sparling (VE1FRH)