HARC 90th

Ticket Purchasing

Getting tickets for HARC’s 90th-anniversary conference is hassle-free and convenient. Attendees can purchase tickets online through Eventbrite or in person at the venue. Celebrating this historic milestone with fellow amateur radio enthusiasts, don’t miss your chance.

  • HARC 90th – Weekend Speakers Sessions – $35.00
  • HARC 90th – Celebration Gala Dinner – $50.00
  • Early Bird – Conference and Gala Dinner combo – $80.00

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Weekend Speakers Sessions:

This is the main area of the conference where the speakers will present their talks and presentations. The main hall will be set up with a stage and audiovisual equipment for the speakers. Attendees will sit in chairs facing the stage, and during break-out sessions for tea and coffee will be provided.

Friday, August 18thSaturday, August 19thSunday, August 20th
8:30 AM Safety Briefing and opening remarks
Halifax Waterfront/Museum of the Atlantic (self-directed tour/free access to the museum)
9:00 AM Bill Karle, VE1YY and Jason Ingraham, VE1PYE
Try the 630m Band
10:00 AM Dave George, VE1AJP –Answering the Call10:30 AM Sunday Service at the Salvation Army Church 
11:00 AM Fred Archibald, VE1FA Air-Sea Rescue in WW2 and the “Gibson Girl” Radio
12:00 PM MWO Nathaniel Senff, VA7SNF
1:00 PM Radio Amateurs of Canada – President’s Fireside Talk
1:00 PM Al Penney, VO1NO – Defeating Hitler’s Chase Me Charlies
2:00 PM Matt Boyle, VE1BSG – A look at Public Safety Communications Past, Present, and Future2:00 PM Dave Goodwin, VE3KG The Remarkable International System of Amateur Radio Governance
4PM – Get On The Air Station 3:00 PM George Nicholson N4GRN/VE1GRN Wild Side of Exotic DXPeditoning
6PM – Social Meet and Greet 6:30 -11:00 HARC 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner4:00 Closing remarks, door prizes, & raffles

All day Saturday, the public will be invited to learn about Ham Radio and the partnership HARC has throughout Nova Scotia.

Touch a Truck/Show&Shine: This is an outdoor event where attendees can explore various ham radio vehicles and equipment. Trucks, trailers, and other vehicles may be set up with ham radio equipment for attendees to touch, feel, and experiment with. This event may also include demonstrations of emergency communication techniques or other ham radio applications.

Tradeshow Area: This is the area where vendors and exhibitors will set up booths to showcase their products or services. Attendees can visit each booth to learn about the latest technology, products, or services in the ham radio industry. Snacks and beverages may be provided in this area to keep attendees energized and refreshed.

Event Station Ham Radio Room: This is a special area of the conference where attendees can participate in hands-on ham radio activities. The ham radio room may have several stations set up with different types of equipment and antennas for attendees to experiment with. Trained volunteers may be available to provide guidance and assistance.