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Category Gear for Sale
Created Sat, 22 Jul 2017 07:53:25 -0700
Owner DanS
Title 20m One Man Tower for sale
Description Tower is self-erecting and very heavy duty to resist hurricane winds. The main feature of the tower is the ability to raise and lower a shuttle housing the antenna mast. YES ! you can bring your antenna down whenever you want in a very easy fashion. There are pics online. The tower is disassembled and on a pallet ready for shipping. I am willing to assist with installation if needed.

This is a 20 meter ( actually 56 foot tower with 9 foot mast ) heavy galvanized square lattice tower built by Kevin Peacock VK4VKD of Australia. It was acquired in 2004 and was installed for about 9 years. Still in amazing condition. Asking $ 2150