2 Metre FM Simplex Winter Event


The HARC 2 Metre FM Simplex Winter Event is a ham radio contest primarily designed to give 2-meter operators a chance to compete on an even basis and have fun doing it. Contacts are limited to FM Simplex on the 2-meter band.

When - Saturday, January 2, 2021, and runs for 4 hours, beginning at 12:00 PM local time (1600 UTC).

Entry Categories - There are two entry categories: Fixed and Mobile. You may enter only one category for the contest. If a station gives out more than one multiplier during the contest, that station will automatically be entered into the mobile category. Participants may be entered as either fixed or mobile, (but not as both).

  • A “Fixed” station or “Fixed” location means that the participant must operate the entire duration of the contest from one specific location. This category would also include setting up a temporary, portable station at a remote location, “Field-Day” style.

  • A "Mobile/Rover" station - a participant operates from a vehicle, with the option of activating more than one multiplier during the duration of the contest. Mobile stations must indicate each location they are operating from on their log sheets.

Exchange - Exchange items include your call sign, the name of the location you are operating from, and your power level.

City or Town - This is simply the name of the city or town you are operating from. If you do not live within the city limits, use the name of the town or municipality to which mail or a package would be addressed.

Scoring -  Each station you work is worth 1 point, however, if you work as an official HARC member, and it’s operating from that location, it’s worth 2 points. These stations must identify that they are operating from a served agency’s ham station. 

Suggested frequencies: 146.445, 146.490, 146.550, 146.580.

Covid-19 Updates: Contest Committee is therefore asking all participants to follow the guidelines provided by the government and health officials in your respective areas.

Contest Log Sheets (PDF, Excel)

Log Sheet PDF

Log Sheet Excel

Offical HARC

Contest Rules