HARC to Hold Special Event for the 100th Anniversary of the Catastrophic Halifax Explosion of 1917

On the morning of 6 Dec., 1917 the munitions ship Mont Blanc struck the Norwegian ship Imo in the Narrows of Halifax Harbour, resulting in a fire on the foredeck of the Mont Blanc. The fire then ignited the ship’s 2900 tonne cargo of high explosives, flattening much of the city, killing 2000 people, injuring thousands more, and leaving 6000 homeless. This was the largest man-made explosion before the atomic bomb.
This Special Event is to commemorate the tragedy itself, the countless acts of bravery and kindness in its aftermath, and the first use of radio to alert the outside world to what had happened.

Thanks to Fred (VE1FA), HARC has been issued the special call CK100VDA for the period 2-10 Dec., 2017, the center date of which (6 Dec.) is exactly the centennial of the Halifax Explosion. The 100 is for the centennial and VDA was the radio call of the HMCS Niobe, moored in Halifax Harbour on Dec. 6, 1917. Surviving the blast, Niobe’s WTO (Wireless Telegraph Operator) George Harris radioed nearby Camperdown immediately, notifying the outside world of the disaster.

To use CK100VDA (and meet its legal Industry Canada restrictions) you:

  • Must be a paid-up HARC member with a valid amateur call that permits you to operate on HF;
  • Must sign up for specific 1 hour operating time slots with Howard VE1DHD well in advance. You can reach Howard at: The call is valid only from 00:00 UTC on 2 Dec. to 24:00 UTC on 10 Dec. 2017.
  • Must keep a log, preferably on your computer with the ability to output the log in ADIF format, and turn it in to the CK100VDA QSL manager promptly at the end of the operating period. Helen VA1YL, with assistance from Fred VE1FA, will act as QSL manager for CK100VDA.
  • Can use all Canadian amateur bands and all digital, phone, and CW modes (that your license permits you).
  • Can share the same band in the same time slot, with another HARC station using CK100VDA, BUT only if you are using different modes. Also, you may operate fixed from your home station, or mobile, or portable. If you decide to operate from the Club Station, you must ALSO arrange with Howard ( to book the same date/time slot to operate from the Club Station; and finally,
  • Cannot use the same band/mode/time slot as another operator using CX100VDA. Hence the need for “appointments” in advance.

Please direct questions, suggestions, and comments to Fred VE1FA, 902-582-1561.


How to book an operating time period for the use of CK100VDA

First of all, PLEASE NOTE that this on-line booking schedule is for HF bands ONLY; if you want to work VHF (6m; 2m or 70cm) you MUST contact Bill Elliott (VE1MR) our VHF Captain by email at: or by phone at: 902-865-8567.

  • Next have a look at the booking calendar by following the link below to see what is available;
  • Select the time/mode that you wish to operate in - you may book up to two consecutive hours on December 6th or up to three consecutive hours on other days;
  • If you plan to operate in a digital mode, PLEASE specify which digital mode you will be using (i.e. RTTY; PSK31 etc .)
  • Select several options just in case your first choice is already taken;
  • Send an email to Howard ( and let him know the days/times/mode you want to book;
  • Howard will confirm your booking by return email and fill you in on the schedule;
  • NOTE ---the online schedule will normally only be updated each evening.
  • Once you (as CK100VDA) begin transmitting, spot yourself on DX Summit. Since you're not in a contest, it's quite acceptable to do so. This usually generates a lot of interest!
  • Try to operate on or near the following frequencies (+/- QRM and QRN).
    SSB: 3.75, 7.150, 14.240, 18.115 MHz
    CW: 3.540, 7.030, 10.110, 14.030, 18.080 MHz
    Digital: preferred frequencies for your mode near 3.590, 7.075, 10.140, 14.075, 18.100 MHz
  • For a given date, hour, and mode, any amateur band for which you are licensed may be used, and you are free to QSY as desired. Remember to re-spot yourself on DX Summit if you QSY.

The CK100VDA Booking Calendar is located HERE

Page last updated: 17 November 2017