Upcoming Events

The following page contains detailed information on upcoming HARC events.

Field Day 2014

Field Day will be held this year at York Redoubt National Historic Site at the entrance to Halifax Harbour, operating under the 2A category. Setup starts at 15:00 hrs Friday June 27th and the event begins Saturday 15:00 hrs and runs to 14:59 hrs Sunday.

Field Day Chair: Brian Allen (VE1AZV) Email:basailor@eastlink.ca

Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Exercise “Kingfisher"

Exercise Kingfisher (named for the wee bird on the Halifax coat of arms)will take place on October 4th, 2014, and is intended to test a variety of EMO systems. Amateur Radio will play a prominent part in this system-wide EMO exercise.

The following agencies/groups have indicated an interest in participating as of 16 June 2014: The FIVE JEM sites, Red Cross, Salvation Army, possibly the Department of Community Services and perhaps Capital Health at their various hospital sites. The Exercise Design Team consists of four persons: Barry Manuel (VE1JRG), David Musgrave (VE1EDA), Tom Caithness (VE1GTC) and Joe MacPherson (VE1CH). The Design Team is currently working on the Master Events List (MEL).

The exercise will test a wide range of EMO-related systems, including Amateur Radio, and will include the use of portable digital data kits. The exercise will commence at 0900 hours and end at 1400 hours. There will be a "hot wash up" upon conclusion of the exercise, and questionnaires will be distributed and collected from all participants. The Participant's Handbook (Emergency Telecommunication Guide) is in its FOURTH edition and will be ready for distribution in September. Tom Caithness will conduct a training/refresher course in September for all interested in participating. David Musgrave is collecting the names of persons/amateurs wishing to participate. Dave (VE1EDA) can be reached by email at: david.musgrave@ns.sympatico.ca

Message handing will be one of the main focuses of this exercise, as well as tests of such links as VHF/UHF amateur and non-amateur circuits, satellite phones, Digital RMS Express and the trunk mobile radio (TMR) system. While this is not exclusively an Amateur Radio exercise, Radio Amateurs will be KEY to the overall success of the exercise.

HARC Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club will be held on Wednesday 17 December 2014. Time and location to follow.

RAC Winter Contest

The RAC Winter Contest will take place on Saturday 28 December. See the RAC website for more details - www.RAC.ca

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