Upcoming Events

The following page contains detailed information on upcoming HARC events.

2015 Down-East Flea Market

The Halifax Amateur radio Club (HARC), in cooperation with the Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club (DARC), will be hosting the 34th annual Down East Flea Market in 2015. Details to follow. (07Oct2014)

Field Day 2015

Field Day will be held this year at the EMO - EOC operating under the 2F category. Setup starts at 15:00 hrs Friday June 26th. 2015 and the event begins Saturday 15:00 hrs and runs to 14:59 hrs Sunday.

Field Day Chair: TBA

HARC Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club will be held on Wednesday 17 December 2014. Time and location to follow.

RAC Winter Contest

The RAC Winter Contest will take place on Saturday 27 December 2014. See the RAC website for more details - www.RAC.ca

Page Last Updated: 7 October 2014