Upcoming Events

The following page contains detailed information on upcoming HARC events.

* Ledwidge Lookoff Rally

* MS Bike Tour 2016

* Basic Amateur Radio Course

* RAC - Canada Day Contest

Ledwidge Lookoff Rally

Ledwidge Lookoff Rally will take place on July 24th, 2016. They
need and would appreciate our
communications help.
Contact-Ian, VE1IGP, to volunteer.

MS Bike Tour

The MS Bike Tour will take place over the weekend of July 23 - 24, 2016. The Halifax Amateur Radio Club has had a long-standing association with this impportant fund-raising event for MS. Providing good radio communication for the tour orgainzation is critical.
Please email Terry, VE1TRB, at ve1trb@eastlink.ca if you are interested in helping out with communications.

Basic Amateur Course

This fall's Basic Amateur Course will start on September 22 at the club room. Contact Tom, VE1GTC.
He can be reached at ve1tom@rac.ca or tom.caithness@ns.sympatico.ca.

RAC Canada Day Contest

July 1st is Canada Day. Join in our country's birthday celebration by entering the annual RAC Canada Day Contest. Rules are found here: http://wp.rac.ca/wp-content/uploads/files/contests/files/2016%20Canada%2....

Page Last Updated: 26 June 2016