Member List

2017 HARC Membership List

** All Full and Life members of HARC are also members of the Nova Scotia Amateur Radio Association (NSARA); and 52 of our members are also members of Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC).

As of 25 September 2017, our paid-up 2017 membership is:
Life = 4
Full = 118
Associate = 41
TOTAL = 163
RAC Members = 54

NOTE:HARC membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st, so 2017 membership dues are now due. If your name is not on the list below with Current Year = 2017, you need to renew your membership. Go to Membership page to renew.

Effective 2014, The Halifax Amateur Radio Club yearly dues for a full member increased by $5 to a total of $30.00, with the additional $5 going to the NSARA and each full member will automatically become a member of the NSARA.

Last Name First Name Call sign NSARA RAC Current year
Alary Murray VE1ALS Yes Yes 2017
Allen Brian VE1AZV Yes   2017
Aly Ayman VE1AYM Yes   2017
Archibald Helen VA1YL Yes Yes 2017
Archibald Fred VE1FA Yes Yes 2017
Armstrong Ray BC 2017/18     2017
Asprey Ken BC 2017/18     2017
Baker George VE1GMT Yes Yes 2017
Baydar Baha BC2016/17     2017
Beattie Christina VA1CDB Yes Yes 2017
Bigelow Terry VE1TRB Yes Yes 2017
Blackmore David VE1PDX Yes   2017
Blenkhorn Wayne VE1BAB Yes   2017
Boissonnault Georgette VE2RH Yes   2017
Boissonnault Michel VE2TH Yes   2017
Boutilier Jorde VA1CDN Yes Yes 2017
Bowser Lynn VE1ENT Yes Yes 2017
Boyle Matthew VE1BSG Yes   2017
Bradley Aaron VA1ARN Yes   2017
Bruchanov Martin OK2MNM Yes   2017
Bugden Gary VE1GLB Yes Yes 2017
Burns Bob VE1VCK Yes   2017
Caithness Tom VE1GTC Yes   2017
Caldwell Dean BC 2017/18     2017
Calvesbert Dominik BC 2017/18     2017
Calvesbert Jim BC 2017/18     2017
Cameron Michael BC2016/17     2017
Cameron Bill VE1WSC Yes Yes 2017
Charbonneau Dave VE1DDC Yes   2017
Chin-Yet Jesse BC2016/17     2017
Clair Gurjeet BC2016/17     2017
Courcy Donald VE1SS Yes Yes 2017
Cox Alastair VE1PAB Yes   2017
Craig Carey VE1CZT Yes   2017
Csuhaj Jim VE1JXT Yes   2017
Curnew Jamie BC2016/17     2017
Currie Allan BC2016/17     2017
d'Entremont Trevor VE1TRD Yes   2017
Davidson Robert VE1RP Yes Yes 2017
Delaney Tim VA1TIM Yes   2017
Delarue Julien BC 2017/18     2017
Dickson Howard VE1DHD / VE1ZD Yes Yes 2017
Diggins Barry VE1TRI Yes Yes 2017
Doane Herb VE1HTD Yes Yes 2017
Dorrington Tom BC 2017/18     2017
Dyer Bill VE6WTD Yes Yes 2017
Elliott Bill VE1MR Yes Yes 2017
Emin Devin S.       2017
Farnell Cam VE1BIT     2017
Flowers Jim VA7JSF   Yes 2017
Foesenek James VE1FAR Yes   2017
Fowler Brandon VE1BMF Yes   2017
Fowler Graham VE1GFA Yes   2017
Fowler Jeremy VE1JHF Yes   2017
Friars Pearson VE1SWL Yes   2017
Gaum Tom VE1BMJ Yes Yes 2017
George David VE1AJP Yes Yes 2017
George Sherry VE1WST Yes   2017
Gillie Dewaine VA1DWG Yes   2017
Gillie Michael VE1HMY Yes   2017
Goulden Jacob BC2016/17     2017
Grace Edward VE1EGG Yes   2017
Grantham Dick VE1AI Yes Yes 2017
Guilford Jim VE1JG Yes Yes 2017
Guilfoyle Jack VE1OU Yes Yes 2017
Harasimovitch Wayne VE1WPH Yes   2017
Hartling Sheldon VE1GPY Yes Yes 2017
Hatcher Donald VE1BPN Yes Yes 2017
Hein Erik VE1EH Yes   2017
Hemphill Marc VE1BEL Yes   2017
Henry Doug VE1ZG Yes   2017
Hickey Quentin E. VE1QET     2017
Hollett Bruce VE1MLW Yes Yes 2017
Hong Young -Soo VE1ILC Yes   2017
Hubley Dallas NC     2017
Hubley Paul VE1SAR Yes   2017
Hughes Neil VE1YZ Yes   2017
Ingraham Jason VE1PYE Yes Yes 2017
Jensen Matthew BC 2017/18     2017
Johnson Ian VE1ARJ Yes   2017
Kavanaugh Pat VE1PHK Yes   2017
Kirkley Lyndon L. BC 2017/18     2017
Langille Jim VE1JBL   Yes 2017
LaPierre Jason VE6TMR Yes Yes 2017
LeBlanc Ida VE1IDA Yes   2017
LeBlanc Doug VE1LDL Yes   2017
LeBlanc Michael VE1LEB Yes   2017
Lessard Norman VE1QH Yes Yes 2017
Li Dajiang (DJ) VE1LDJ     2017
Liggins Carolyn NO CALL     2017
Lutes John VE1CZN Yes   2017
MacDonald Peter VE1AVC Yes   2017
MacDonald G. Murray VE1BB Yes Yes 2017
MacDougall Fraser VE1WO Yes Yes 2017
MacKinnon Craig VE1JMA Yes Yes 2017
MacPherson Joe VE1CH Yes   2017
Manuel Glenn BC2016/17     2017
Manuel Barry VE1JRG Yes Yes 2017
Mardling Joshua VE1CEN Yes   2017
McClafferty David VE1ADH Yes Yes 2017
McDade Donald VE1DCM     2017
McNichol Brian VA1BPO     2017
Mills Eric VE1AST Yes Yes 2017
Mitchell Basil VA1BOM     2017
Mooers-Henry Sharon VE1TH Yes   2017
Mosher Donald VE1DRM Yes Yes 2017
Mullett Byron R. VE1NFD Yes   2017
Mullins Corey VA1PAX     2017
Murphy Gary VA1GGM Yes   2017
Murray Kerry Ann BC 2017/18     2017
Nimmo David VE1NN Yes   2017
Nordyke Jonathon BC 2017/18     2017
O'Malley Tony VE1THO Yes Yes 2017
Olds James VE1AR / VE1ALN Yes   2017
Osmond Arthur VE1/G5DJW Yes   2017
Page Sheldon VE1SJP Yes Yes 2017
Pated Ankit VA1NMQ Yes   2017
Patterson Brian BC2016/17     2017
Pearce Ian VE1IGP Yes Yes 2017
Peet Gregg VA1GEP Yes   2017
Pieniaszek Rich VA1CHP Yes   2017
Pike George VE1GAP Yes   2017
Power Jim VE1CU Yes   2017
Prentice Colleen VE1PIE Yes Yes 2017
Prosser Al VE1AWP Yes   2017
Radford Paul VE1ARH Yes   2017
Raftus Rob VE1ROB     2017
Ratto Gordon VE1PO Yes   2017
Reashore Sharon VE1SER Yes   2017
Reashore Ron VE1ZC Yes   2017
Reid Randall VA1RJR Yes Yes 2017
Robinson Paul VE1AVD Yes Yes 2017
Roscoe Spurgeon G. VE1BC Yes Yes 2017
Rosere Ralph VE1RAR Yes Yes 2017
Rudderham Brent VE1KF Yes Yes 2017
Schreiber Amanda NO CALL     2017
Semple Matthew L. (Sam) VE1YVN Yes Yes 2017
Service Peter VE1PS / VE1NPS Yes Yes 2017
Shindler David VA3IIF Yes   2017
Simm William VA1ALW Yes   2017
Sirois Daniel BC 2017/18     2017
Smith Jeffrey VE1ZAC Yes   2017
Snow George VE1CAW Yes Yes 2017
Sparling Carolyn VE1FRG Yes   2017
Stein Roger K7SJ/VE1 Yes   2017
Steininger Kim BC2016/17     2017
Suen Rosemary BC2016/17     2017
Surette Gary VE1WAN Yes   2017
Swinwood Bob VE1PQ Yes Yes 2017
Theriault Jim BC2016/17     2017
Thompson Jeffrey VA1JRT Yes   2017
Thurber Galen VE1GAT Yes   2017
Tikhomirov Alex VE1RUS Yes   2017
Trotter Donald VE1DTR Yes Yes 2017
van-Schalkwyk John VE1VBT Yes Yes 2017
Wade Keith VE1EK     2017
Wade Bruce VE1NB Yes Yes 2017
Wallace Robert BC2016/17     2017
Whalen Peter VE1PJW Yes   2017
Wickstrom Coral VA1CAW Yes Yes 2017
Wood Scott VE1QD Yes Yes 2017
Young Jayne BASIC SS 2017     2017

Last Updated: 13 October 2017