Join the Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC) in celebrating its 90th anniversary with two exciting amateur radio events!

The first event is the HARC 90th Special Call Sign Promotion, running from June 23rd to August 20th, 2023. During this period, HARC club member amateurs are encouraged to use the special call signs VC1933 or VC1HARC90 from their own stations. The objective is to make contact with as many amateur radio stations worldwide as possible, promoting the HARC 90th Anniversary and generating interest in the event.

The second event is the HARC 90th Anniversary QSO Party, taking place from August 5th, 0001Z, to August 6th, 2359Z, coinciding with the Halifax Natal Day weekend. This party is open to all amateur radio operators globally. The goal is to make contact with as many other amateur radio stations as possible, regardless of location, to promote the HARC 90th Anniversary and create enthusiasm within HARC and the broader amateur radio community.

Both events offer an excellent opportunity for amateur radio enthusiasts to connect, engage in conversations, and expand their network. Whether you’re a seasoned operator or new to the hobby, these events provide a platform to celebrate the rich history of HARC and the wider amateur radio community.

Stay informed about the HARC 90th Anniversary and the events by visiting Please note that the details provided are accurate as of the time of writing, and for the most up-to-date information, refer to the official HARC website.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of these global amateur radio celebrations. Join HARC in commemorating its 90th anniversary and enjoy the thrill of connecting with fellow enthusiasts from around the world!

HARC 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner and ConferenceAugust 18 – 20th 2023

The Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC) is celebrating its 90th anniversary with a special Gala Dinner and Conference. This event is a must-attend for amateur radio enthusiasts who are looking to connect with other hams, learn about the latest trends in the hobby, and celebrate HARC’s historic milestone.

The conference will feature a range of presentations and discussions on various topics related to amateur radio, including emergency communications, contesting, digital modes, and more. There will be opportunities to ask questions and interact with the presenters, creating a valuable learning experience for all attendees.

In addition to the conference, the Gala Dinner will provide an opportunity to socialize and network with other hams. The evening will feature a delicious meal, live music, and a celebration of HARC’s 90 years of contributions to the amateur radio community.

The event will take place at a prestigious venue in Clapton Park West, Nova Scotia, and will provide an elegant and sophisticated setting for the celebration.

Overall, the HARC 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Conference is a wonderful opportunity for amateur radio enthusiasts to come together, share their passion for the hobby, and celebrate the achievements of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club.