LeBriton “Brit” John William Fader VE1FQ

Brit Fader VE1FQ was a prominent member of the Halifax community, known for his contributions to the field of amateur radio and beyond. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he completed his schooling in 1935 and subsequently worked for Manning Equipment Ltd, where he dispensed radio components.

In 1940, Brit joined Canada Post and remained with the organization until his retirement in 1973, except for the years 1942-46 when he served in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. He had been issued his amateur radio call-sign VE1FQ in 1934 and was active in various areas of amateur radio throughout his life.

Brit’s most notable achievement in amateur radio was his role as “The Northern Messenger.” Starting in 1946, he began to handle messages for personnel in the Canadian Department of Transport, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Department of National Defence, and others serving in the Arctic. He held regular “skeds” on a 20-meter phone, and his early equipment comprised a home-built transmitter with an 810 in the final, a home-built three-element beam, and an RME 9D receiver.

Brit’s contributions to the community extended beyond amateur radio. In 1984, he was named Citizen of the Year in Sackville, Nova Scotia, for his efforts as a parent volunteer and school trustee.

Brit won many awards and expressions of appreciation for his efforts. In 1970, the Department of National Defence invited him on a cruise on a Canadian Forces vessel. He was honoured in 1976 as the Canadian Radio Relay League’s “Amateur of the Year,” and in 1990, he received the Award of Honour and was welcomed into the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.

In June 1990, Brit was accepted as a Life Member of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club in recognition of his contributions and years of service to the Club. Sadly, Brit passed away on August 16, 1990, but his legacy continues to inspire and influence the amateur radio community and the Halifax community at large.