About HARC

About H.A.R.C.

The Halifax Amateur Radio Club (H.A.R.C.), VE1FQ, has a long history dating back to its inception in 1933 and is one of the oldest amateur radio clubs in Canada. HARC provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information related to radio communications and technical experimentation. Ham radio provides an alternative means of communication during natural disasters and other emergencies.

HARC can provide communications facilities to aid government agencies in times of crisis. This fulfills amateur radio’s legislated mandate to provide public service communication.

HARC allows people interested in amateur radio many opportunities for fellowship and projects of many types.

Halifax Amateur Radio Club History

In 2008 the Halifax Amateur Radio Club celebrated its 75th anniversary. For that occasion, a brief history of the Halifax Club was written by Spud Roscoe (VE1BC) and published in the 2008 Edition of the Maritime Callbook. Links to the abbreviated HARC history, along with a 1959 edition of The Canadian Amateur — where the whole edition was dedicated to amateur radio in Nova Scotia — are included below.