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Youth on the Air Camp: Day Three Recap

We’ve reached day three of the Youth on the Air (YOTA) camp, and the excitement is still building! Our young ham radio enthusiasts have been diving into various activities that showcase amateur radio’s fun and educational aspects.

Tracking Satellites and Fox Hunting

The day kicked off with an exciting session on tracking satellites. Our campers learned how to follow these orbiting wonders using their radios, a skill combining science, technology, and magic. Next was fox hunting, where the youth used their radio skills to locate hidden transmitters, honing their directional-finding abilities.

Building Kits and Antennas

In the afternoon, the campers rolled up their sleeves for hands-on fun, building kits and antennas. This practical experience enhanced their technical skills and fostered a sense of accomplishment as they saw their creations come to life.

Special Guest: Dr. Yaroslav Pustovyi

We were honoured to have Dr. Yaroslav Pustovyi, the CTO of Maritime Launch, speak to our group. As an astronaut, his insights into space and technology captivated the audience, inspiring many young minds to reach for the stars.

Evening Projects and Radio Room Contacts

Despite a packed schedule, our dedicated campers found time in the evening to finish off their projects and make contacts in the radio room. The radio room buzzed with activity as they connected with other amateur radio operators, sharing their experiences and making new friends over the airwaves.

Looking Ahead: Maritime Museum and Parks on the Air

Tomorrow promises more adventures as the campers head down to the Maritime Museum. They’ll learn about our historical radio room at the museum, VE1MMA, and activate two Parks on the Air (POTA) sites: Georges Island and HMS Sackville. These activities will blend history, technology, and outdoor fun, ensuring another memorable day at YOTA camp.

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