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Youth on the Air (YOTA) Camp in Halifax – Day One Highlights

We kicked off the first day of the YOTA camp in Halifax with an exhilarating activity: launching a PiCo balloon crafted by the youth participants. The event was even more special with the presence of children from the local university daycare who joined us to witness the balloon’s ascent.

We were honoured to have representatives from the Canadian Space Agency who shared their invaluable insights about communications from near-space altitudes. This provided a unique learning opportunity for the participants, combining practical experience with expert knowledge.

Throughout the day, the camp fostered an environment of peer learning, with youth worldwide exchanging ideas and knowledge. You can monitor the PiCo balloon’s journey using this:

It was a fantastic start to the camp, filled with hands-on activities, educational talks, and a spirit of global camaraderie. We look forward to more exciting days ahead!

Stay tuned for more updates from the YOTA camp!

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