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Field Day 2024 at Fort Needham: A Triumph for Halifax Amateur Radio Club


This past weekend, the Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC) proudly hosted a remarkable Field Day event at Fort Needham on June 22-23. This milestone marked the first time in years that our club could gather outdoors for Field Day, signifying a major step forward in our rebuilding journey. The event was a resounding success, highlighting the dedication and meticulous planning by our Field Day chair, Clayton Moore, and the collaborative efforts of our members and supporting agencies.

 A Realistic Test of Communication Resilience

Field Day 2024 was more than just an event; it was a practical exercise that tested the resilience and effectiveness of amateur radio communications. Simulating a city-wide wireless communication failure in Halifax, our goal was to maintain contact with other sites across North America, demonstrating the crucial role of amateur radio in disaster response scenarios.

 Collaborative Efforts with Supporting Agencies

HARC led the charge in organizing the Fort Needham location, with invaluable support from the Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club (DARC) and the Halifax Auxiliary Telecommunications Service (HATS). We are deeply grateful to the Halifax Emergency Management Organization (EMO) for graciously hosting the event and providing essential materials and support. The Radio Amateurs of Canada and ARRL, our esteemed sponsors, played pivotal roles, underscoring the importance of amateur radio in public service and emergency preparedness.

 Planning and Execution

The success of Field Day 2024 was a testament to the collective effort and dedication of our HARC members. From the initial planning stages months in advance to the final days leading up to the event, everyone played a crucial role. The Field Day team’s collective effort of engaging our ham members brought everything together. Tasks were divided among the team, with each member taking on responsibilities that matched their strengths and interests.

As Field Day drew closer, our team steadily expanded, with more members stepping up to contribute to the preparations. This gradual build-up allowed us to refine our plans and ensure we were ready for any challenges that might arise. The dedication and hard work of our members were evident in every aspect of the event. From setting up transmitting stations and engaging the public with educational activities to hosting tours for elected officials and accommodating journalists covering the event, our Field Day team handled it all seamlessly.

 Execution of Field Day 2024

The execution of Field Day 2024 at Fort Needham was a testament to our club’s commitment and enthusiasm. Our primary objective was to contact as many stations as possible across various HF bands, all while operating in less-than-optimal conditions. Our members met this challenge with exceptional skill and dedication.

Our event featured a range of activities that demonstrated the versatility and resilience of amateur radio. We set up multiple transmitting stations, each manned by experienced operators who worked tirelessly to make contacts throughout the event. Public engagement was a key focus, with educational sessions designed to inform visitors about the importance and capabilities of amateur radio. We also had the honour of hosting tours for elected officials, showcasing our operations and highlighting the critical role amateur radio plays in emergency situations. Journalists who covered the event were given a comprehensive overview, further amplifying the significance of our efforts.

 Acknowledging Our Disaster Partners

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our disaster partners in Halifax: the Canadian Red Cross, the Halifax EMO Joint Emergency Management team, the St. John Ambulance medical team, and the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services team. Their support allowed our radio operators to focus on making contacts without worrying about on-site issues, from food logistics to grounds safety. In a real wireless communications failure, we wouldn’t be doing it alone, and partnering with these groups made the scenario a more realistic field day at Fort Needham.

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 Looking Forward to Field Day 2025

As we celebrate the success of Field Day 2024, we look forward to next year’s event with excitement. It has been a slow evolution to get here, but as a club, we made it, and we are thrilled for what the future holds. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us. Here’s to many more successful Field Days ahead!

Let’s continue to demonstrate the power and resilience of amateur radio in our community!

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