Halifax Amateur Radio Club – March 20, 2024, General Meeting Agenda

Welcome: John Bignell, VE1JMB

Acceptance of the March 2024 General Meeting Agenda:

Motion by:

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Acceptance of the February 2024 General Meeting Minutes:

Motion by:

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Silent Keys:

Dolan E. Freeman VE1DEF, February 23rd, 2024 / Kingston NS

Richard “Dick” Grantham VE1AI, March 20th, 2024 / Dartmouth NS

President report: John Bignell VE1JMB  

Treasurer report: – Alastair Cox, VE1PAB,

Motion by: Alastair Cox

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Committee Reports

Station Manager report: – Ritchie Long  VE1RPL

Builder workshops – Ritchie Long  VE1RPL

VE1MMA Coordinator – Gordon Young

Education report: – Jason, VE1PYE/


SAR report: – David George, VE1AJP

HATS report: – Gary Murphy, VA1GGM

Field Day – Clayton Moore

YOTA Campe 2024 – Keith Bruce

Old Business:

Membership chair

Station Passes Update

Ham Breakfast Saturday

Moose River Mining Disaster April 13th – POTA/Coms Exercise

Downeast Flea Market – May 25 Sackville Legion – lead

June 15th volunteer appreciation night.

New Business:

Dick” Grantham, VE1AI – Tribute

Generator repairs – Ken

Moose River/Field Day June 2024 – Clayton


Adjournment @

Respectfully submitted: John Bignell, VE1JMB President- HARC.

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