Halifax Amateur Radio Club

November 15, 2023, AGM Agenda

Welcome: John Bignell, VE1JMB

Acceptance of the November 2023 AGM Agenda:

Motion by:

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Acceptance of the October 2023 General Meeting Minutes:

Motion by:

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Silent Keys:

Winfred G. Bridges VY2WB Charlottetown PE November 10th, 2023

Angus E. Smiley VE1CDC Port Dufferin NS November 6th, 2023

Raymond Burke VE9RAY Moncton NB October 29th, 2023

Raye A. Mossman VE1HP North Sydney NS October 27th, 2023

Hazen G. Middleton (ex) VE1CGI Grand Bay NB October 19th, 2023

President report: John Bignell VE1JMB  

Treasurer report: – Alastair Cox, VE1PAB,

Motion by: Alastair Cox

Second by:

Carried: yea nay

Committee Reports

Station Manager report: – Don, VE1DTR

Education report: – Jason, VE1PYE/

Builder workshops – Ritchie Long VE1RPL


SAR/EMO report: – David George, VE1AJP

HATS report: – Gary Murphy, VA1GGM

CW Sessions/VE1MMA Coordinator – Gordon Young

Old Business:

·       HARC-o-Ween SSTV Extravaganza

·       Expired Passes and station access updates

·       YOTA Camp 2023

New Business:

·       Christmas Party details

·       Winterfield day


Adjournment @

Respectfully submitted: John Bignell, VE1JMB President- HARC

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