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President’s Message – November 2023: Our AGM, Board Elections, and Exciting Projects Ahead

November is a particularly significant month for our club because of the changing seasons, our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and the election of new board members.

As your president, I’m thrilled to invite you all to participate in our upcoming AGM. This is a crucial time for our club, a period for reflection on our past achievements and, more importantly, for planning our future endeavours. The AGM is scheduled for this Wednesday, and I urge you to mark it in your calendars.

This year’s AGM holds particular significance as we are set to elect new board members. These roles are not just titles; they are opportunities to directly influence our club’s direction and success. Our board members are vital in shaping our club’s future, guiding us through challenges and leading us into new, exciting ventures.

Looking ahead, we have several ambitious projects on the horizon. One of our most significant endeavours is the planning for Winter Field Day. This event showcases our skills, celebrates amateur radio, and is a testament to our club’s unity and spirit. Additionally, we’re embarking on an exciting project to redesign our club radio room. This will enhance our capabilities and create a space that reflects the vibrant spirit of our club.

These projects, while exciting, also come with challenges. We need our board’s strong, dedicated, and visionary members to help us navigate these. Many of you have the passion, skills, and ideas that could benefit our board greatly. Please consider stepping up to these leadership roles. Your participation could catalyze a new era of innovation and community in our club.

In closing, let me reiterate the importance of your involvement in the upcoming AGM and board elections. Your voice, your vote, and your leadership on the board can significantly impact the future of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club. Let’s continue to work together to foster a club that excels in amateur radio and creates a robust and supportive community for all its members.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM and the exciting times ahead for our club.

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