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HARC-o-Ween SSTV Extravaganza: Ghoulish Images on the Airwaves

Embrace the Halloween Spirit with Ham Radio

As October unfolds, the Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC) is thrilled to present a uniquely eerie event that combines the excitement of Ham radio with the festive spirit of Halloween – the HARC-o-Ween SSTV Extravaganza. This event is an open invitation for Ham radio operators of all skill levels to engage in a thrilling adventure that lasts until the eve of Halloween.

Event Highlights

Dive into the world of Slow Scan Television (SSTV) and transmit your most spine-chilling, bewitching Halloween images across the airwaves. Share your haunted house decorations, creepy costumes, menacing pumpkins, and other frightful delights with a community of fellow Ham enthusiasts.

Participants are encouraged to actively hunt for haunting images transmitted by others. To seize the coveted HARC-o-Ween SSTV award, you will need to transmit your own eerie image on the digital Ham frequencies and collect images from five different Hams participating in the event. Remember to log these encounters and submit your record to HARC to solidify your achievement.

For HARC members, there’s an added layer of excitement with the chance to earn a bonus award. Make your Halloween-themed image stand out and have it featured on the FTP club pages of various SSTV sites, gaining visibility and connection with Ham radio enthusiasts from all around the globe. This is your chance to exhibit your creativity and love for Ham radio on a grand scale.

How to Participate

Prepare your radio equipment and get your spookiest images ready as the HARC-o-Ween SSTV Extravaganza is set to kick off this Friday, running all the way through Halloween Eve. Tune into the digital Ham frequencies, start transmitting your Halloween-themed SSTV images, and stay vigilant for incoming transmissions from fellow participants. Ensure your images prominently feature the HARC logo to be eligible for the event’s awards.

This event is not just about transmitting and receiving images; it’s an opportunity to connect, celebrate, and share your love for Halloween and Ham radio. Share your experiences and the images you’ve captured on social media using the hashtag #HARC-O-WeenSSTV, and immerse yourself in the spooktacular camaraderie of the Ham radio community.

As the event concludes at the stroke of midnight on Halloween, ensure you have your contact logs ready, complete with date, time, and call signs, and submit them to

Event rules can be found here

Join the Fun!

The HARC-o-Ween SSTV Extravaganza is set to be a thrilling and fun-filled holiday weekend for Ham radio enthusiasts everywhere. Let your Halloween spirit shine through your SSTV images, connect with a like-minded community, and create lasting memories this spooky season. Stay tuned to HARC’s communications channels for updates and additional details, and get ready to transmit your Halloween excitement. This is one spooktacular event you won’t want to miss!

Get your antennas ready, embrace the Halloween spirit, and let the airwaves come alive with ghoulish delight!

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