President's Message

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Igniting the Spark of Amateur Radio

I’ve always believed that our memories are not just random events from our past, but markers that help shape our future. As I sit here to pen down my monthly message, I’m transported back to my youth when I was first introduced to the magic of wireless communications.

It was a different era. My parents ran a small motel and campgrounds. We had our fair share of guests, but one guest left an indelible mark on my life – Richard Denman (VE1RDA) from Dartmouth. As a seasonal camper, Mr. Denman wasn’t just someone who cherished the beauty of nature; he carried with him the mystique of the airwaves. He passionately showed me how the atmosphere and the time of day played with the radio bands, making them dance to their tunes.

One of my fondest memories was when he set up a Trench Radio or what many know as a Foxhole radio. I was utterly mesmerized, hearing the local AM station without the use of any batteries. It felt like I was tapping into some ancient secret or magic. The universe seemed suddenly more connected. Mr. Denman, with his wisdom and patience, nurtured my curiosity and was the first to suggest I pursue my Ham license. He saw in me a kindred spirit, eager to explore the world of frequencies and signals.

Richard Denman (VE1RDA)

This past summer, during our 90th celebration, a topic that echoed in our discussions was the importance of the youth and their engagement in amateur radio. The idea of an Amateur Radio summer camp for youth across the country was floated, and it ignited hope and excitement in many of our hearts. Such initiatives have the potential to be the bridge that introduces the magic of wireless communication to the next generation.

As the proud president of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club, I often wonder, how can we, as a collective, inspire the next generation the way Mr. Denman did for me? Each one of us has a story, an individual who ignited that spark within us. Isn’t it time we become that beacon for someone else?

As we charter our course forward, I urge all members to share our incredible hobby with both the young and old. There’s a world out there, hungry to learn and eager to connect in ways beyond smartphones and the internet. They are interested in the authentic, thrilling world of wireless communication and the rewarding hobby of amateur radio.

Let’s light the way and continue the legacy. For it’s not just about radios and signals, but the stories, friendships, and connections we make along the way.

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