PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE for November 2022

This month’s meeting is both via Zoom and in person at the club
Good day to all fellow amateurs and those enthusiasts who take time to read this news letter. It is that time of
year when contests and dx-peditions are most abundant on the air waves. The bands have been especially good
this past month with long openings on 10M/12M in particular. I worked the cq ww ssb contest last weekend
and had tremendous success on 10M and 15M. You could work pretty much any where in the world on those
bands. I had 240 contacts in a limited time to operate.
Again, it is time for our Annual General Meeting and how time has flown by. Should amateurs out there who
have a desire to become part of the executive can get in touch with Dick, VE1AI who is leading the
Nomination committee as well as Fraser, VE1WO or Scott, VE1QD. They will place your name on the list of
candidates for the position you are interested in and a election will proceed.
The Executive has the responsibility to make happen the will of it s members whether it be projects, field day
or any other events that we can participate in. We are always open to suggestions and ideas but need the
Field day this year (2023) will be a full event. We need to finalize a location yet but a couple of people have
stepped forward to lead this project. I understand at this point we have team captains for the ssb/cw/digital and
GOTA OPERATIONS. Now is the time to let us know how you would like to participate in this event; as an
operator for ssb or cw etc. We will need a set up crew as well as a take down team. We have always shown
very well in this event and are recognized as the team to beat in Canada. So become part of a wining team.
Our only major accomplishment was the work led by Dick, VE1AI at the MaritimeMuseum of the Atlantic.
Dick organized the teams that were there twice a week. This is one of the most fun events we do – it’s relaxed
and at times more talk than actual cw for the many hundreds of people who drop by the radio room.
We did provide operators for a car rally as being our only other event this year and Ian, VE1IGP lead this
project. The flea market led by John, VE1JMB was also a great success.
There will be an EMO exercise this month or the next that will be Province wide and hope that all our HATS
members are ready to step up to this challenge. Once again we are in the spot light to provide the necessary
communications for HRM IN WHAT EVER SCENARIO THAT COMES UP. Be prepared with your go kits,
personal kits that include everything you need for 72 hrs – ie: meds, clothing changes etc…
Hopefully this month while the wx is good we can get the cables pulled up the tower at Cowie Hill. The
cables have been pulled from the building through the conduit and are now at the bottom of the tower ready to
be ran up and connected. We will need climbers for this project so please get in touch with Macolm and be
ready for a full day – there are antennas to replace and install, cables to be replaced so more hands make for
light work. More to follow on this project being lead by Bill and Malcolm.
Well, that seems to be all for now: I know that there are many amateurs out there that are not comfortable
attending live meetings yet so we are doing both ways this time around. Hope to see you all at the meeting and
make your voice heard at the Annual meeting BY VOTING.
Respectfully submitted: Brian Allen, VA1CC – PRESIDENT- HARC

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