ARISS contact in Nova Scotia


ARISS Contact between students from Five Bridges Junior High School, Stillwater (Hubley), Nova Scotia and NASA Astronaut Josh Cassada.

ARISS School Mentor:

Wayne, VE1WPH

Technical Coordinator

Rob Ewert, VE1KS


One hour-long presentation begins at approximately 10 AM ADT. Includes presentation made by Engineers from Dal Space Systems (DAA) on their LORIS CubeSat, which is currently at KSC FL. Awaiting a November 18th launch to the ISS aboard SpaceX CRS-26. This will be followed by the introduction of the ground station operator Shane Lynd, VK4KHZ, located in Gleneden, Queensland, Australia leading to the actual contact between the students and Astronauts.  

This broadcast will start on October 26th @ 10 am coming to you LIVE from the Five Bridges Junior High School in Hubley, Nova Scotia.

The ARISS program works around the ham radio installed in the International Space Station and allows students to talk to the crew of the space station.

This is an amazing educational opportunity for the schools and students that become involved with the program and NSLive.tv is excited to be bringing this production to you. 


Live Stream URL’s:

ARISS YouTube Channel    https://www.youtube.com/c/ARISSlive

NSLive.TV Channel    https://nslive.tv/five-bridges-ariss

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