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New Manager of the VO Incoming QSL Bureau

Rick Burke, VO1SA/VO2CW, has retired from his position as the VO Incoming QSL Bureau Manager. Bill Kirby, VO1BB, has taken over as the new Manager effective immediately.

The VO QSL Bureau began in 1936 with Eric Holden, VO1H, as its first Manager. Rick Burke, VO1SA/VO2CW, took over the operation of the Bureau in late 1996.
In recognition of his 24 years of service, Radio Amateurs of Canada presented Rick with a Certificate of Appreciation “For Extraordinary Service to Amateur Radio in Newfoundland & Labrador as VO Incoming QSL Bureau Manager”.

Frank Davis, VO1HP, Deputy Director for the Atlantic Region, & Bill Kirby, VO1BB, new VO QSL Bureau Manager, made the presentation to Rick on Friday, August 21 at his QSL Bureau office in his home.

“Rick was a natural for the job of QSL Manager due to his avid DXing and personal interest in collecting QSL cards. His call sign is widely known in worldwide DX circles.

Radio Amateurs of Canada extends its sincere thanks & appreciation to Rick Burke, VO1SA/VO2CW, for 24 years of dedicated service to the Radio Amateurs in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Welcome Aboard Bill!

Dave Goodwin, VE9CB, Director of RAC Atlantic

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