President's Message

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE for September 2021

September is here and so goes the weather changes from the heat to fall temperatures, sunny days & cooler nights. What a great time of the year to work outside getting antenna work completed. As a club we have that task to perform as well up at Cowie Hill. We have antennas that need to be changed out, checked out & tested before it becomes too cold for our climbers to be up there. If you can help please watch for special notices asking for help when we have gotten everything together. Part of the work includes writing a Covid 19 plan, a safety plan & a work plan to present to HRM before we can do anything.

We are in need of a SAFETY OFFICER and a Membership chair for the up coming year. We need to appoint an auditor to go over our books. We also need a chair person to look after nominations to the executive. All these positions are very important to the operation of our club on your behalf.

The club has been very successful in selling off used equipment which adds funds to the good side of our books. Jason has been the driving force behind this effort but as he describes it “There sure is a lot of work to get something sold”, this includes the online advertising, the sale & funds transfer, boxing up the item and getting it to a shipper (the post office, Fedex, etc.). Jason needs help. I know there are people in our club who can give Jason the help he needs to continue this very valuable work. Please call Jason and let him know that you are there to help. Jason can assign portions of the work to several people distributing the work over many people.

I know it seems as though we are the only ones who are affected by this virus however as a member of a pool league, we have been told that most likely there will not be a league this year. This is the story of so many other organizations from the legion clubs etc., these are trying & troubled times in our world which require patience & co-operation. And so it is with our club. Thank goodness we have the technology, virtual meetings as so many others have had to do and this will have changes in the work force and everyone else who belongs to any organization. The executive appreciates your patience in this strange world of Covid19 and its effects on all of us. Thankfully I have not heard of any of us who has had to personally deal with this illness. This could be our new normal for the next year or two.

Since there is very little going on and you are up to date as I am, please keep in mind our need for support for the positions listed above. Any one of the positions above will allow you to put in time of which many seems to have a bit more these days and help your club in some small way. The auditor job is a one-time event requiring, typically, about 4-6 hours. Please look deep into your schedules and see if you can spare some time for the club.

Everyone please stay safe and continue to abide by the health rules of the mask, social distance, hand washing and above all “common sense” when it comes to large group gatherings.

Dx has been a nightmare these past several weeks with propagation being almost non-existent. They say we have started cycle 25 but personally, I have not been part of anything exciting yet.

As always, if there is any breaking news on our situation I will get the info out ASAP. Thank you all for your patience.

73 – Respectfully, Brian Allen- VA1CC, PRESIDENT- HARC

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